Oddly, I know you're looking at what's covered,

when so much has already been shown. Haven't you had enough?
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They say they're just like us

They say they're just like us _4198
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We've tried to study him, of course, but he's much too sophisticated for the standard tests.

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Go forth and devastate

Absolutely Glamorous

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Shiva ate Buddha

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Sasha Colby's Miss Continental Talent

Work it out cousin!

Krash Club - Jessica Wild Drag Queen Show - Puerto Rico 6/2007

I aint no philosophunculist!

Alisson Gothz welcomes Lady Bunny to South America!

me & Lady Bunny!
Photo courtesy of Alisson Gothz via Flickr
Alisson says: "Back in 1993, Lady Bunny introduced one of my biggest heroes (Leigh Bowery) on stage for his legendary performance at Wigstock Festival. Last Saturday I was honoured to introduce Lady Bunny on stage for her first-ever performance in South America! This may sound silly for most of you, but for me it was beyond amazing."

Drag Halloween in Puerto Rico!

Watch "█ ░H░░A░░L░░L░░O░░W░░E░░E░░ N░░ █ ▬ 2 0 1 1" on YouTube
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Moist, the Mermaids post race

High heel race 2011
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DiabloDivine, porcelain dish

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You better pay attention! porn

I'm trying to figure out some way to add this all to my Amazon Wish List for Christmas: fishnets, maid corset, strap-on, nailpolish, wig, mini dress, and chastity sleeve.

Haley Star Meets Lady Bunny!!

Those are your nostrils!


Just add "all your life"!

Really, if you add "all your life" to most anything anyone says it's pretty snarky! Try it!

Rocky Horror horrors

Rocky Horror Pic
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Drag queen bandits loot stores of sequins, boas, and fancy silk

Via Orange County Corrections
The Miami New Times reports that Drag queen bandits loot Florida stores of sequins, boas, and fancy silk.

From the Times:
"​A vicious crime wave has gripped Central Florida's finest fabric stores, seeding blind terror in the sequin isles, panic in the feather-boa racks, and knee-shaking fear in the wig department. Tell us of the horror, Amanda Marshall, Orlando-area Jo-Ann Fabrics manager: 'It's a whole gang of drag queens,' she tells the Orlando Sentinel.

But rest easier, assless-chaps purveyors of the Sunshine State: The transvestite thieves were busted Sunday after Marshall's staff spotted them stuffing feathers, red lace gloves, and 'costume glasses' into their handbags. 'They were real upset when the police made them take their wigs off,' the manager adds.

Three men were charged with masterminding the fancy-dress crime spree: 19-year-old Demitri Marsh, 18-year-old Renford Patterson, and 22-year-old Antonio Webb.

Marsh 'swore at a clerk and threatened to cut her' before trying to run out of the store after the trio was spotted shoplifting around 5 p.m. this past Sunday.

The Sentinel did its homework on this particular crime wave, talking to other craft-store owners who confirmed they'd also been hit by the drag-queen bandits.

'We've never caught them red-handed, but that sounds just like them,' Mark Sauer, owner of Sewing Studio Fabric Superstore, tells the paper. 'In my memory, they had been coming in on Friday nights in a group. They wore makeup, but I don't remember them wearing dresses.'

Marshall, the Jo-Ann manager, says they could tear through a particularly fabulous section of a store at record speed.

'They'd come in and order yards of fabric at up to $39.99 a yard, stuff it in their man purses, and leave without paying,' Marshall said. 'Oh, gosh, they could wipe out a whole section of boas in seconds...'

The three men are charged with felony retail theft above $300."

Electroqueer Repost: Jeffree Star's New Demo - "If It Kills Me"

Jeffree Star's New Demo - "If It Kills Me":


By Javi López - EQ's resident pop culture blogger

It really seems that from now on, we are going to be seeing a lot of new material Queen Diva, Jeffree Star. The DIY sensation posted on tumblr a demo of a new song from his upcoming album.

"If IT Kills Me" is the title of the new song and there is only ONE thing in our minds: This is a demo, not the official song, also known as: it's not done - so, if this is a good demo, what can we expect from the original song? Hugeness. We really think this new Jeffree Star album is going to be beyond amazing. Get fucking ready EQs.


Listen to "If It Kills Me" demo below.

Chances are a diagnosis of gender dysphoria is wrong!

Tammy, 11, named Thomas at birth, is happiest in dresses

Here's an interesting article CNN published today about how tricky it is to spot a truly "transgendered" kid. The article reported a study in which 109 kids diagnosed with gender dysphoria at some time between 3-years-old and 12-years-old were polled at age 20. Only 10 percent still wanted to dress opposite their sex-based gender. That's not very many in a group you might think were predisposed to "gender dysphoria." I hope this means that the diagnosis of gender dysphoria is so inaccurate, that it should not be used as an indicator of anything, and therefore the kid wearing his favorite dress should be left alone to do what kids do. I don't know why parents care so much about dressing their children in accordance with what genitals the child has. No one needs to know what is between your kid's legs, no? Isn't that mostly the kid's business and much later? Won't you teach your kid how to speak their minds before then? The most irritating part of this discussion is the kinds of assumptions we have to make to have it; that is, trucks are for boys, and skirts are for girls. We cannot talk about someone being different unless we have decided there is something to be different from, and I do not agree on any of that to begin with. It's a wide world out there, moms and dads. In Samoa, everyone wears a skirt. At the risk of sounding trite, boys can play with dolls and girls can wear trousers, and girls can be boys and boys can be girls, today and perhaps tomorrow.

Xtube model biffne, black ftm, getting sucked

I have never seen such a prodigious ftm model: black ftm getting sucked - XTube Porn Video - biffne Her bottom is so eager and greedy, too. Variety and intensity is the spice of life, it seems.

She's cocked and loaded

This super-heroine's weapons are high-pressured milk and cum blasts. If you chew on her nipple piercings you also have to tell the truth. You're so hung! I knew that, WHAMMO!
Photo via tikidragyn on Flickr.com via art-or-porn.

Ask Misty: Genderbenders not ok in my country,what do I do?

Watch "Ask Misty: I am a Gender Bender but I live in a country where I cannot dress" on YouTube
On a separate but related subject, in some of those countries men who have sex with men are not considered gay so long as they top. It is the top space that defines sexual identity. Numbers of partners matters not. What joy for greedy bottoms! It's the next gold rush.
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Drag Unpoetry

Watch "It's poetry, shitbags." on YouTube
Wherefore, asked Allen Ginsberg.
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Elastic vs. Wind

Photo courtesy of 4WindsImages via Flickr.com
Elastic loses. This is like that photoshoot episode on Ru when they had to ride the cannon with the fan blasting at their lashes.

Ask Some Drag Queens Smartphone App

Lucy Belle, Marguerite, Amber, of Beaver Lake
It is 2011 and so I pull out of my magic carpet pocket my magic carpet phone, and in my magic carpet phone is an Ask Some (Three Huge) Drag Queens app. Me and the mister have been on the rocks, so I ask my magic carpet phone drag queens, hey fat drag queens, am I going to still have my boyfriend at Christmas? The app tells me that I have to ask each one of the queens for an answer. First I touch Amber's face, and she tells me no, but I will get some vodka out of it. Vodka or dick? So I touch Marguerite and she says it is doubtful that any good will come from asking a drag queen who doesn't know how to shave her second chin. Alas, with so little hope left, I consult the face of Lucy Belle, and she says "as sure as the powder ingested by me" I shall have my hunky boyfriend still! I declare! Since my boyfriend and I quit drinking this last weekend and have taken to the powders, I have decided not to speak to Amber or Marguerite again, and we-I have made Lucy Belle the official Golden Stiletto Magic Carpet Phone Ask Some Drag Queens Model of the Year. Miss Lucy Belle will be our future consultant and tie-breaker on questions we cannot figure out ourselves.
The indomitable Miss Lucy Belle peddling her wares
The app is worth the dollar, and they say the money goes to charity. Imagine that, you don't even have to walk to the stage to tip a bitch. There is a link below this post where you can purchase the application or you can go to www.asksomedragqueens.com for more information.

Drag queen grams!

Telegrama Animado - Homenagem Colega de Trabalho - Citibank 1208_49
There have been angels, sailors, bunnies, and nurses before you who have made dressing up at the office OK on special occasions. If you are looking for a side job, you could dress up in drag and deliver kitschy birthday messages to stuffy colleagues. There is a local rig that does this for $50 a call. Three calls a day once a week could make a cutesy side gig at $600 a month.

Pixiwoo: Drag look using Chanel

They would be so pleased.
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Ask Misty: Help, heels hurt!

We don't mind if anyone decides to wear flats.
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Spam Ayres, fat lobe fanny

Spam Ayres..
Thank you to Dyler Plummer for adding this photo to his Flickr feed!

Hostess with the mostess

Hostess with the mostess
Sorry but she kind of looks like she got hit by a manhole cover.
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Madonna makes me think of castration

Me and my boyfriend wondered about whether a castrato, someone who has been castrated prior to puberty, would be able to go through puberty late in life if administered hormones. I consulted Wikipedia, but it described only the effects of castration: the larynx never develops, the cock and balls don't grow, the bones don't harden and so they grow long and lanky -- not to mention sterility. If someone is castrated after puberty, body hair decreases, sex drive dies, emotions become serene and depressed.

I decided to go to my longtime friend and escapee from the Jehovah's Witnesses, Dr. Pang, for an answer. This is what the experts said:

Doctor: There is no puberty after puberty in traditional sense. Puberty is in essence sexual maturation, so you can't become sexually mature if you don't have testicles.  There are no testicular cells to mature and start producing sperm with. If you're asking about secondary sex characteristics, sure. You can certainly start growing facial hair, axillary and body hair; muscle mass may change, as well. You still have androgen receptors in all those parts. In fact, acne may start as well with increased circulating testosterone. Look at FTM transsexuals, they essentially undergo this all the time. 

Suisse Kelly: I hadn't even thought about butchies! Androgen receptors suck. We should be able to sexually mature without letting everyone know, goddamnit. I felt so exposed, by my own body! My orgasm is my secret, and I want to take it back! Where is my Propecia?

Doctor: I felt my facial hair was so embarrassing in school when it started. Although, now I find some hair on men to be a point of attraction.

Suisse Kelly: It was such an expose on my soul. And what made it worse was that people pretended not to be interested, like when you don't look at a woman breastfeeding! Does puberty violate our right to privacy? Especially for children and the way we shelter them, such change seems so private.

Doctor: Eh. But shouldn't we be more transparent? I don't think the answer is to homogenice by hiding and sheltering things. Transparency is better, no?

Suisse Kelly: Transparency is not! Mystique is life! We're talking about sex identification, not porn, sheesh! Eh, or gender. Hey, have you ever saved a tranny's life? You should try collect them all!

Doctor: Sure. Multiple times. I met quite a few in San Francisco. I've never met an FTM, just a lot of MTF.

Suisse Kelly: That must mean something. 

I never really considered that puberty might be something that I could have hidden. If I were given the choice, I'm not sure I would have let anyone know and I might still choose to be a closeted adult. I would have chosen to become sexually mature without putting out the message that such had occurred. Maybe this would have led to me finding and being able to attract less sexually compatible partners, but maybe I didn't need the help. If I could have attracted someone on glamour, charm, magic, mystery, appeal, and allure, I might feel a greater degree of confidence that as my physique ages my potential remains the same. I am going to call this Peter Pan realness, like thus: